A cold preparation for fibromyalgia

New research has found a link between fibromyalgia and increased oxidative stress. This could explain why Astaxin has helped with Liselott Lindahl’s fibromyalgia pain.

Fibromyalgia is a lifelong pain syndrome. It is mainly characterized by widespread chronic pain and abnormal fatigue. According to the Fibromyalgia Association, between two and four percent of Sweden’s adult population is affected. But the disease is difficult to diagnose. Liselott Lindahl has not been able to work since 2005 due to excruciating pain and stiffness in the body. Despite many years of fibromyalgia symptoms, she has not yet received a definitive diagnosis.
– They think I have fibromyalgia, but they are still not completely safe, says Liselott. Although the symptoms are correct.

Circulating pain
Liselotte says that she has traveling pain in her body. The pain is in muscles and connective tissue and goes into flares. Sometimes it’s a little better, sometimes it’s really bad. A while ago she was in so much pain that she could not move her arm. Later, the pain was most intense in one knee. The pain makes it difficult for Liselott to sleep at times.
– The only thing I get from healthcare is painkillers. It is good. Some nights when the pain is intense, you just need something that hits you in the head so that you can sleep.

Higher oxidative stress
At the health food store, Liselott was advised about Astaxin for her fibromyalgia. Astaxin protects the body’s cells against oxidative stress. It is usually used for fatigue and colds, but apparently the store staff was loaded. New research has found a link between fibromyalgia and elevated levels of oxidative stress in the body. It is not known whether fibromyalgia is caused by oxidative stress or whether the oxidative stress is a consequence of fibromyalgia. No matter what causes what, however, one can help the body reduce the levels of oxidative stress. Astaxin contains a combination of the carotenoid astaxanthin and the antioxidants vitamins C and E which increase the body’s defenses against free oxygen radicals.
– I got much better when I started eating Astaxin, says Liselott. And that pretty promptly. With fibromyalgia, the pain never completely disappears, but it was as if it calmed down.

A more mobile everyday life
Liselott experiences that she has also become less rigid in her body from Astaxin. This makes it easier for her to go out with the dog and run up to the attic or down into the basement at home in the villa. Liselott is convinced that it is Astaxin that has given her the improvement effects.
– I know that it is Astaxin that has helped, because I have been a little careless with taking the tablets for periods. When I forgot to take them, I immediately feel how the pain comes back.

Scattered effects
There is as yet no specific research on the effects of Astaxin in fibromyalgia, nor is anything planned, says Åke Lignell, head of research at Astareal. However, he has heard of several cases where people with fibromyalgia believe that they have been helped by Astaxin.
– We have been able to show that Astaxin contributes to increased muscle endurance and counteracts both the skin’s breakdown processes and eye fatigue. In addition, it reduces acid reflux, protects the heart and blood vessels and provides anti-inflammatory protection. The substance astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that protects all cells in the body. That is why we see scattered effects, open explains.

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