Brazilian Doctor Surgery Reverses Alzheimer’s: Memory Coming Back

By Rinaldo de Oliveira, from the newsroom of SóNewsBoa

A Brazilian neurologist, who specializes in Toronto, Canada – the cradle of research – has managed to curb and reverse Alzheimer’s disease in a 77-year-old patient who was not named at the family’s request.

Deep Brain Stimulator Implant surgery was on December 11 at Napoleão Laureano Hospital in João Pessoa, Paraíba, and the equipment was turned on shortly before Christmas.

The elderly have been suffering from Alzheimer’s for 2 years and had a mild to moderate condition.

Memory recovery

In an interview with SóNotíciaBoa the doctor who performed the surgery, Rodrigo Marmo, 35, said that “in the first week the patient had encouraging initial results.”

Also according to the expert, “15 days after surgery the patient comes back to remember paths, vocabulary improves and he is more attentive to conversations.”

The surgery

The Deep Brain Stimulator Implant was a surgery initially used for another disease: Parkinson’s disease.

In 2008 specialists from Toronto, Canada, began using the technique experimentally on 6 Alzheimer’s patients – as we have already shown in JustNowBoa. 

The positive results have attracted attention from US specialists and since then, experts from both countries have “had surgery on 42 patients. It is no longer considered experimental, ”warns the Brazilian doctor.

Photo: reproduction / CourierDaParaíba

Rodrigo Marmo drew on his studies in Toronto, Canada during his specialization to operate on the 77-year-old Brazilian patient.

He explained to SóNotíaBoa how the procedure is:

“A brain pacemaker is implanted in the patient. Electrodes, attached to a chest-strapped battery, give little electrical discharges to the brain that stimulate the memory circuit. ”

11 or 15 days after surgery the equipment is turned on and the first results begin to appear, says the doctor.

Victory in justice

Surgery is expensive because the electrodes and pacemaker are imported.

It costs around 200 thousand reais.

As the patient was getting worse – the medicines were no longer working – and the health plan refused to pay for the operation of the elderly from Paraíba, because the procedure has not yet been released by the Ministry of Health – his family went to court… and won!

The agreement was obliged to pay for the same Canadian surgery, performed in Brazil by specialist Rodrigo Marmo.


The expert warns that Deep Brain Stimulator Implant “does not mean the cure of Alzheimer’s”, despite significantly improving the patient’s quality of life.


Napoleon Laureano Hospital – João Pessoa / Paraíba

Phone: 83-3042-4974

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