Depression is not just being sad, it goes further and affects more than you think

Do you know what depression is? If you have experienced this terrible mental condition, then you know what I am talking about. Being depressed is not simply being sad about something, no, depression has reasons to be that go far beyond that, affect your whole being and not just your mood . It is not a feeling that you can decide to move away, no, do not think that it is a simple façade in which people make excuses and take refuge. People with depression suffer and it is not that easy to get a pain reliever.Those who suffer from depression experience pain in the soul, in life. Depression is not pretty, it is not an excuse to stay in bed or something that people decide to have. Those who have depression have the desire to get out of that hole, but can not even get up.

Depression is a real condition that consumes someone’s emotions, energy and life longing. Depression makes each obstacle and each goal much more difficult. In reality, everything becomes more difficult because everything that happens in life becomes a source of pain. Not even the good encourages it, with depression life is a constant tragedy, even when the person desperately wants to get away from it.

Just when a person goes into depression, their world becomes very small, they cling to what is inside them and nothing else enters and nothing else comes out. Everything becomes gloomy, nothing motivates him more, and every new obstacle that arises from depression leads to discouragement and disappointment. Depression is a medical condition that requires treatment.

It is a mental disorder that even leads to other physical disorders such as severe headaches, different gastrointestinal conditions, anxiety, muscle pain from tension, and others.

When you live with this condition, something must be done about it. When someone shows the symptoms, do not judge him and help him. Because if it is not treated, your life becomes more painful and each day will be harder to live. Even these people get hurt when depression consumes them and present different types of crises.

Depression takes away the right to love and take care of yourself, depression ends with your dreams, your desires and your goals. This condition even isolates you from the people you love because it makes you believe that you are a nuisance and do not want to carry more guilt. People with depression stay on their bed waiting to see what depression has prepared for that day, they have no control over their actions and decisions. They are not sure of anything.

A person with depression forgets even how to take care of himself. It downplays the basic things. They smell as if they had not gotten out of bed in a week, they have dirty clothes accumulated and the floor of their room is a disaster. Your soul is too tired to do something good for themselves. So yes, depression represents a careless home, dirty dishes and a bad diet.

Under depression, tears are the most common. And after a long session of crying for pain, disappointment and despair, there is only an empty look and a desperate soul, all of which threatens the person with taking her alive.

Please, do not judge a person with depression, you have no idea what goes on in his head, what he feels and what he suffers. Maybe you think it’s unfair that that person is like that, that he should just change his mind and go out to be well, but that does not work. Depression absorbs everything good and leaves everything bad. Do not be hard, rather try to understand how he feels and try to help him in the right way; Talk to that person, let him know that he is not alone. Listen to what you have to say, sometimes the depression gets worse because they have no one to vent and talk about how they feel.Let him know that you will support him until he has reasons to smile again.

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