Drinking beer protects the brain against Alzheimer’s

Mexico. -For some people, beer consumption helps to have a good time, but it is even more important to know that one of the highly requested drinks in most countries and that can help you prevent the onset of early dementia and even Alzheimer’s

The secret of this alcoholic beverage is that it has numerous benefits that can help health, and that not only helps to have a good time and in times of heat to cool.

According to Lanzhou University, beer is made from sprouted barley grains or other cereals whose starch is fermented in yeast water and is often flavored with hops, among other plants, it has ingredients that help delay the onset of diseases linked to neurological disorders.

One of this can be noted as dementia, which according to its component helps the brain to protect itself with regular consumption of beer , and finally the deterioration in neurons will stop.

The magic ingredient, so to speak, is barley that has been found after several investigations that can be an effective treatment for neurological disorders, and simply the properties are related to antioxidants.

Conclusions have been reached as drinking beer will give you antioxidant properties and will help the body’s cells to regenerate and even their power reaches the body’s vital organs, contributing to their regeneration.

Scientists go further with their recommendations and raise the possibility that they include drinking beer in the daily diet. The above based on the experiences of other countries that do have this routine.

According to studies, it is pointed out that people with daily consumption of beer in their diet, has helped them eliminate their toxins, there are fewer cases of early dementia, helps eliminate the accumulated aluminum in the brain by pollution and others factors that deteriorate health.

The most interesting thing about this discovery is that beer helps prevent dementia and therefore should be a recommended drink.

Beer is also composed of substances that contribute to maintaining health in humans, and it can be by polyphenols, which protect the intestinal microbiota that protects the digestive system.

The properties of beer are many and you can simply enjoy this drink, but taking the advice of moderate consumption.


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