Extremely high muscle tension causes fibromyalgia pain

People with fibromyalgia have to deal with a much higher muscle tension than people without fibromyalgia. Extreme muscle tension can be the cause of often severe muscle pain associated with fibromyalgia. That is the conclusion of the research conducted by Dr. Ewa Klaver-Król of Twente. High muscle tension develops in people with fibromyalgia without having to use their muscles. Research is a new step to better understand fibromyalgia.

Ea Klaver-Król is a neurologist and researcher at the Roessingh Research and Development Institute (RRD) in Enschede. He specializes in research on fibromyalgia and other disorders that are medically difficult to explain. His research on muscle activity in fibromyalgia involved 22 women with fibromyalgia and 21 women without fibromyalgia.

Remarkably high muscle tension

His research shows that people with fibromyalgia have a much higher muscle tension than people without fibromyalgia. Ewa Klaver: ‘We measure muscle tension in the same way in women with fibromyalgia and women without fibromyalgia. They had to keep their arm in a certain position and sometimes they did and sometimes they had no weight on their hands. Our measurements show that women with fibromyalgia have a much higher muscle tension, even when no force is used. ‘

Better understanding of fibromyalgia.

Ewa Klaver-Król’s research is a new step to better understand fibromyalgia. “I think the cause of fibromyalgia is in the nervous system. Several studies have already shown that in people with fibromyalgia, signals in the nervous system are not sufficiently inhibited. Muscle and muscle membrane are parts of that nervous system. The membrane probably incorrectly receives the “squeeze” signal, which causes high muscle tension, with all its consequences for people with fibromyalgia. ‘


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