Fibromyalgia fatigue is not a simple fatigue

The tiredness experienced when having fibromyalgia goes beyond “normal fatigue”, according to a recent publication in the journal BMC – Musculoskeletal pathologies.

The researchers wanted to understand in more detail the fatigue that occurs in fibromyalgia and the impact it has on our lives.

After conducting a series of interviews, they analyzed the results and developed a conceptual model of fibromyalgia fatigue, which includes the following:

An overwhelming feeling of tiredness

This does not improve with rest or sleep

It is not proportional to the effort that is made day by day

Associated with a feeling of weakness and heaviness

It interferes with motivation and the desire to carry out activities

Difficult to carry out prolonged tasks

It prevents us from concentrating, thinking clearly and remembering things.

For those of us who live with this type of fatigue, this is nothing new. However, it seems that this model is a good step forward. The medical world does not have a correct understanding of the different types of fatigue and needs the appropriate language to describe them.

Everyone feels tired at some point and tiredness is one of the main complaints that doctors hear. This model provides a definition of fibromyalgia-related fatigue, which helps distinguish it from other types of fatigue.

Many of us suffer from fibromyalgia, we have experienced every level of fatigue of this new model, in different variations, and we almost certainly all have experience with doctors who often do not understand the weakness we experience because of fatigue.

This can be a frightening symptom, to the point that sometimes it scares us to walk for fear of falling and feeling the legs so weak that it seems that they cannot support us. And as this weakness comes and goes, sometimes it doesn’t even seem to make much sense.

With a little luck, this new model could help us and our doctors better understand fibromyalgia-related fatigue.

Tell us what you think of this new model. It seems to you that it resembles the effort you feel.


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