Fibromyalgia patients are being helped by beetroot juice, the study shows

Fibromyalgia patients can get a clear improvement when consuming juices rich in nitrates. It shows the results of a new study done on fibromyalgia patients.
– What has been clearest is that many of the participants feel that they have become more alert and have more stamina, which should not be underestimated as many people suffer from not being able to get through a whole day without resting. AGE, an age-old protein that reflects our physical age, also decreased by as much as 22 percent, says medicine doctor Olle Haglund, who led the study.

Nitrates from various plants such as beets, arugula and spinach can improve blood circulation without the formation of the above-mentioned harmful substances. A good source is therefore beetroot juice and the
effect is believed to be further enhanced by lingonberry and pomegranate, according to a new study where fibromyalgia patients drank beetroot and lingonberry juice or beetroot and pomegranate juice for an eight-week period.

Many already known health effects
Nitrates’ many positive effects on, among other things, heart health, physical endurance, blood circulation, blood pressure regulation, sexual function, etc. have already been noted in several previous studies. Nitrates have now been tested on a new target group: people with fibromyalgia – and the results of a new study showed clear improvements for virtually the entire group.

Demonstrated clear improvements
A pilot study of 23 people diagnosed with fibromyalgia, conducted by the Fibromyalgia Association in Sweden in collaboration with the Norrköping-based company Wellnox Health, shows gratifying results as most of the participants showed clear improvements. They felt more alert and experienced less pain.
A number of test measurements to be able to show whether there have been any medical improvements have been performed at the beginning and end of the study. These tests have been performed by doctor Olle Haglund, who has several years of experience in helping patients with fibromyalgia and who has also long researched nitrates and nitric oxide.

Impaired blood circulation common in fibromyalgia
patients The increased ability to form nitric oxide is highly relevant, both in fibromyalgia and a large number of other conditions.
This may be a small study, but the results regarding the positive effects of nitrates are already many.
Nitrates are converted in the body to nitric oxide (NO), which in turn dilates the blood vessels, increases oxygen supply and blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure.
In fibromyalgia, in addition to the widespread pain, impaired blood circulation is also seen, which is due to disturbances in the formation of nitric oxide (NO). Instead of the formation of nitric oxide, the formation of free radicals is obtained.
Supplements with the amino acid arginine also increase the amount of nitric oxide in the body.  

Notable reduction also in the age protein AGE
Although the study was small and not a double-blind randomized test, the results are above expectations and so unambiguous that it can be said with great certainty that there is a positive association between beetroot juice and symptoms of fibromyalgia diagnosis.
– We could see clearly measurable improvements. For example, a reduction of free radicals in the beetroot lingonberry group by 6.4 percent and with the beetroot-pomegranate group by 7.5 percent. Both changes were statistically significant, says doctor of medicine Olle Haglund who led the study.
He continues.
– We also measured AGE, an age protein the body produces that reflects our physical age. In the beetroot-lingonberry group, AGE decreased by as much as 22 percent and in the beetroot-pomegranate group by 11.5 percent.

Doctor of Medicine Olle Haglund.

More agile and more energy
A certain pain relief was seen but was not as significant as the participants gaining more energy and becoming more alert. The total fibromyalgia score decreased by seven percent in the beetroot and lingonberry group and by 7.5 percent in the beetroot and pomegranate group. The experience of the participants has also been registered.
– What has been clearest is that many of the participants feel that they have become more alert and have more stamina, which should not be underestimated as many suffer precisely because they do not have the strength to get through a whole day without resting, says MD Olle Haglund.
– In some people, the “fibrous fog” has disappeared, the morning fatigue has decreased and the leg cramps have disappeared.
Statistically significant improvements were also seen for systolic and diastolic blood pressure and for vascular stiffness.

Fibromyalgia Association: “Very positive” The
Fibromyalgia Association is a national association with 4,000 members and is organized by local associations around the country. They are happy with the research results.
– This is very positive for us and our members. Everything that helps our members is of the greatest interest and it is gratifying to see such great results, says Marie-Louise
Olsson, chairman of the Fibromyalgia Association, in a comment to the study.

About the study

The study lasted for eight weeks and the participants were allowed to drink 1.5 deciliters of beetroot and lingonberry juice or 1.5 decilitres of beetroot and pomegranate juice daily, divided into two doses.
Beetroot and lingonberry juices gave slightly larger changes in terms of the aging protein AGE and vascular stiffness. The beetroot-pomegranate juice gave slightly larger changes in terms of
free radicals and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. On the whole, both juices had similar improvements.

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