Mystery of Fibromyalgia Solved – Researchers Discover Leading Source of Pain in Blood Vessels

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue and muscle pain?  You may have fibromyalgia. It is estimated that 5 million American adults suffer from this condition. Of these adults, 90 percent of sufferers are women. Unfortunately, this chronic disease can be extremely difficult to treat.

Researchers originally thought that symptoms were only in the patient’s mind. Because of this, fibromyalgia has been classified as a psychosomatic disorder. This basically means that doctors thought the disease was caused by the patient’s mind.

People around the world complain of shoulder, neck, leg and back pain. Until recently, researchers could not find the cause of the pain.

The recent study was done by scientists at Integrated Tissue Dynamics. They stared at the fibers in the palm that dealt with blood flow. These fibers are also responsible for feeling pain and touch.

To confirm their results, the researchers did a second study. They wanted to see the pathology of the blood vessels. The team collected samples from women with fibromyalgia. In these samples,  they found an increase in sensory fibers at different locations within the skin’s blood vessels.

The nerves are placed within the deviations of the venous arteriole. These shunts deal with regulating body heat by determining how much blood flows through the body. When it is hot, the deviations close to force blood to the surface of the skin where it can release heat.

When it’s cold, the shunts open back. This helps the veins conserve heat around vital organs so that our feet and hands begin to feel cold.

The study’s lead scientist was Dr. Albrecht. He found that excess sensory changes could be causing fibromyalgia patients to suffer from sore hands.

Basically, the sensory fibers are responsible for opening the shunts. They are extremely active when it is cold, which can cause extra pain for fibromyalgia sufferers.

During the study, the research team also found an additional conclusion.  Hands and feet usually have more blood than they really need. They basically serve as a reservoir of blood that can be sent to the rest of the body. When shunts are not working properly, blood flow is not properly regulated.

Dr. Rice is the president of Integrated Tissue Dynamics. According to Dr. Rice, the pathology of deviations could mean that the blood flow from the hands is hampering the way blood flows to the muscles. This could be the main cause of the muscle aches and fatigue that fibromyalgia patients suffer from.

Recent research finally comes to the cause of fibromyalgia. With this research, patients with fibromyalgia can find the right treatment instead of relying solely on antidepressants and pain killers.

The good news is that you are not crazy.  If you suffer from fibromyalgia, it is not on your mind. Fibromyalgia is definitely caused by changes in the body.

Fibromyalgia Causes

Doctors are unsure why sensory fibers begin to change. Currently, they think different factors may be working together.


Fibromyalgia tends to work in families. Because of this, there may be a genetic mutation that makes someone more likely to develop this chronic disease.


Researchers now know that some infections can trigger fibromyalgia.

Emotional or physical trauma

In some cases, fibromyalgia develops after a physical trauma such as an injury or a car accident. Psychological stress can also play a role in triggering the disease.

Although researchers have made great progress on the cause, patients still need to take care of the body. There are certain lifestyle changes you can make to prevent fibromyalgia from becoming more intense.

To keep your fibromyalgia under control, try to limit the amount of stress in your life. If you cannot get rid of all sources of stress, try using techniques such as conscious breathing, yoga, or meditation to deal with stress. Fatigue is a defining symptom of fibromyalgia, so try to get adequate sleep. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can also help. While work may initially hurt, it will help reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia in the long run.

Spread awareness by letting everyone know the cause of fibromyalgia.

Now research has shown that fibromyalgia is not caused by the mind. Instead, it is caused by a sensory nerve within the blood vessels of the palm.

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