New guidelines for pain medication fibromyalgia

New guidelines for pain medication

New guidelines from the National Board of Health (SST) should reduce the consumption of painkillers with opioids, where one of the side effects can be a strong addiction. One of the opioid products affected by the new guidelines is the drug Tramadol, which among other things. used by fibromyalgia patients. 

Generally, opioids are not recommended for fibromyalgia patients unless all other medical and non-medical treatments have been tested without adequate efficacy. However, there are some fibromyalgia patients who benefit from pain medication with opioids. 

Weighing benefits and side effects
At the Danish Fibromyalgia Association (DFF), we are closely following developments in the field of medicine. We have the principle position that fibromyalgia patients should have access to medicines that have been thoroughly tested and which, after weighing the benefits and side effects, prove to be most suitable. 

As a logical consequence, we also hold that if some types of medication prove to be potentially harmful to fibromyalgia patients, then the guidelines for the use of the medicine should of course be changed. 
High opioid consumption in Denmark
The increased awareness of opioids in Denmark is primarily due to the fact that opioid consumption in the US and Canada has been very high for many years. And a survey from 2016 showed that opioid consumption in Denmark is higher in Denmark than in the other Nordic countries.

About 500,000 Danes are thus treated with opioids, and in December 2018, SST published new guidelines for the treatment of pain patients with opioids. 

Overall, the new guidelines will probably make it harder to prescribe pain medication with opioids. And if, as a fibromyalgic agent, you are being treated with pain with opioids, you can probably expect adjustments. Either it may be a conversation with the doctor to get a renewal of one’s prescription, or there may be rescheduling of speech or a complete stop. 

Thorough plan for changes
In the DFF, we would like to emphasize that there must be a thorough plan for any change in opioid consumption, whether it is daily dose adjustments or whether it is a total escalation. If, as a fibromyalgic agent, you have been treated with opioid medication for a long period, perhaps several years, you cannot just stop from one day to the next. 

Therefore, medication changes MUST always be done in close consultation with your own physician, and if there has been an opioid consumption for a number of years, we recommend that you refer to an interdisciplinary pain clinic. This ensures the best possible process in relation to any rescheduling and possible escalation. Furthermore, the pain clinic can be examined for other treatment options. 

If you have any questions, you can call DFF’s advice on tel. +45 33 23 55 60.
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Facts overview – what are opioids? 
Opioids are a group of substances extracted from the opium poppy. Opioids act as painkillers on the central nervous system. Morphine belongs to the group of opioids. in pain medication. 


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