Research shows that magnetic stimulation relieves fibromyalgia

French researchers have tested an experimental group of 36 fibromyalgia patients with transcranial magnetic stimulation and obtained good results.

The patients who received active treatment had an improved quality of life and increased metabolism in the limbic system in the brain, ie a complex of nerve cells located on each of the temporal globes. The Libyan system is called the emotional brain and belongs to the central nervous system. From here, your emotions such as love, well-being,
sexuality and even the sense of smell are controlled. 

There you see. Now it has also been researched that magnets can do great good.

I have been thinking for a long time about acquiring a magnetic mattress as I have heard so many positive results on, among other things, joint pain, sore backs, etc. I have never heard anything negative about the mattress.

Just talked to a woman who, after lying on her magnetic mattress for only two nights, slept well all night and almost jumped out of bed in the morning. She had not slept a whole night for 15 years due to pain. And she always had a hard time getting up in the morning because she was so stiff in all directions. I think it’s fantastic.

So my next planned purchase will be a magnetic mattress.
It costs a little, but I spend so much money on feeling good through doctor visits, physiotherapists, masseurs and supplements, so I earn it in a few months.

Source: Dagens Medicin

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