The telltale signs of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia: a brain disease?

Still controversial in France, fibromyalgia is recognized by the World Health Organization as a “disease” since 1992. It is a syndrome still poorly known and whose causes have not been scientifically established. 
Her name is composed of the elements that characterize her: “fibrosis”, “myo” (muscle) and “algie” which means pain. It is characterized by chronic pain in specific areas of the body that last more than three months. Unfortunately, it can also be supplemented by sleep disorders, digestion, discomfort in the limbs. It can possibly be disabling and certainly affects the quality of life of patients.

Fibromyalgia: diagnostic elements.

Like any disease, it is important, in the case of fibromyalgia, to establish early diagnosis to ensure better patient care. For this, we must first consider the symptoms and responses of the individual to an interrogation to identify and detect the signs of the disease.

We must therefore know the elements of the life of the individual: suffering, pain, weakness, fatigue, problems of falling asleep and sleep.

It is also important to identify the points of pain on the body and especially to know if other pathologies are in action so that their effects are not confused with those characteristic of fibromyalgia. In addition, it is often necessary to conduct new medical investigations to confirm the presence of fibromyalgia.

Can Fibromyalgia be detected by a simple blood test?

A Californian company has developed a screening test for fibromyalgia, a pathology very complex to diagnose and still controversial, especially in France. 
This “FM test” was recently revealed at the annual rheumatology conference in San Diego, USA. And it’s basically a blood test. So, should we believe it?

How to quickly find fibromyalgia? A test on the hot seat.

This is a small revolution in the world of fibromyalgia: scientists have managed to create a screening test. It is intended for general practitioners, who are on the front line to diagnose this controversial disease. 
This is official because they published their discovery in the   Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice   . The idea is to relieve rheumatology practices and improve patient care.

Influence of food on the symptoms of fibromyalgia

The pains can be relieved by our particular choices we can make in our diet. Of course, we do not yet know the scientific causes of this disease irrefutably, but studies tend to prove that certain nutrients can reduce this abnormal amplification of the pain that characterizes fibromyalgia.

The telltale signs of fibromyalgia

Women are the most affected by this disease – still poorly known – which strikes up to 5% of the western population, according to the latest estimates. Many scientists see it as a chronic fatigue and besides in France, it is still considered a “syndrome” whereas it is a “disease” for the World Health Organization, and since … 1992. 
What are so his symptoms to recognize him?

Fibromyalgia: our brain increases perceived suffering

The pain is primarily a warning mechanism for our body that helps us to become aware of dysfunctions, injuries or other attacks on our physical integrity. This prompts us especially to take corrective measures by obliging us by imperative sensations: the suffering, the fact of “suffering” pushes us to put an end to it.

Imperceptible, fibromyalgia is very debilitating

The pain is often unobservable by others, but it has particularly devastating consequences for those who live it every day. Isolation, deconstruction, precariousness, loss of self-confidence. 
This affects millions of people every day affected by this little known disease: fibromyalgia. And the hidden proportions are gigantic: indeed, not less than 2 to 5% of Western populations. In addition, health insurance certifies that over 80% of those affected are women. 
Despite its global medical recognition, many doctors consider this syndrome to be a psychosomatic syndrome because the scientific cause is not yet clearly identified.

MEPs call for classifying fibromyalgia as a disease

If the recognition of fibromyalgia is acquired since 2007 at the medical level, its legal qualification entails significant financial consequences. 
Whether in the social security budget or in affected families, the policy area has the prerogative to guide choices and make the necessary decisions.

In France, fibromyalgia, whose medical and scientific causes are still poorly known, is called a “syndrome”, which means that patients are not reimbursed 100% for their care. To remedy this, a parliamentary report recommends to classify this disease in the category “disease”. 
MEPs announce that this decision “will give credibility to the suffering” of patients. In other words, the law will recognize their suffering and force doctors to train better in the treatment of pain.

In our country, it is estimated that 1.2 to 2 million people are “affected by pain everywhere and all the time”. To put an end to the various treatments, the rapporteur, Patrice Carvalho, recommends setting up a unified care system.

Fibromyalgia: presentation and generalities

Fibromyalgia is characterized by chronic pain over a long period of time up to several years, great fatigue with no apparent cause and sleep disturbances. The treatment of this disease is complex and is not yet fully recognized. 
According to a report of the parliamentary inquiry commission dated October 2016, it affects up to 5% of the French population and more than 80% of the female population. It strikes without discriminating all age groups: children, young adults or not, elderly people. 
Thanks to better early diagnosis, the number of children with fibromyalgia has tended to increase recently.


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