What family members of those with fibromyalgia should know

L andsole purpose of this article is to give our friends and family an idea that “we are not faking it”.

Fibromyalgia is a mysterious and hidden disease. On the outside, the person with fibromyalgia looks healthy, causing others to see us in good shape, while on the inside, only fibromyalgia patients know they are struggling with 100 symptoms. .

FIbromyalgia is a mystery to the medical community. Doctors try different drugs on patients, but not all drugs work equally for all patients. Some might get relief, but others might have a flare or even make it worse. Research is underway to find a suitable remedy for this.

There is a common saying that “do not judge a book by its cover”. In the family of fibro patients, there is a common perception that the person makes no effort to feel better. As if we aren’t eating well or exercising enough or getting better. They don’t know that a simple 2 to 5 minute workout can cause a fibro rash or fatigue that can last for days.

Another misconception is that fibromyalgia is a psychological problem. A healthy person might think that how a fibro patient can have hundreds of symptoms on medical tests / reports, there is nothing. Because of this, many people view fibromyalgia as a psychological problem. Just to be clear, fibromyalgia is NOT a psychological problem and there is enough evidence that it is a real condition.

Fibromyalgia can completely change a person’s life. You cannot do a job like you did before. You will feel tired all the time and since there is no energy in your body, therefore, you need a lot of help and support from your family, friends and coworkers. Due to fibro, many people have to change their habits or even their jobs.

Life with fibromyalgia is a combination of many ups and downs. Someday you will wake up and might feel energized. You go out to buy groceries, take a hot bath, clean your house, etc. But another day you wake up and your whole body is in pain, you can’t even get out of bed, slight movement will hurt you like hell. Sometimes even the breathing hurts.

Fibromyalgia Patients spend their daily lives in misery. Even though a fibro patient does not mention that he / she is constantly suffering from excruciating pain. They always feel small changes in their surroundings. Like a little drop / rise in temperature or even the slightest touch will feel like hell. This type of disability is called sensory overload. The patient is extremely sensitive to light, noise, touch and odors. An easy way to understand all of this is to just put yourself in the shoes of the fibro patient. People with fibromyalgia usually avoid physical contact like hugs, slaps, a thumb on the shoulder, or a handshake because their whole body is in pain and such physical contact causes more intense pain. If a Fibro person isn’t shaking your hand or hugging you, that doesn’t mean they don’t like you.

Let’s talk about fatigue. Fibro fatigue is different from normal fatigue. A normal person has come home from the office tired, they will sleep well and the next morning they will be fresh and energetic but a person with fibro cannot refresh themselves from sleep, in fact we do not refresh ourselves at all. It is as if we are tired for the rest of our lives. Fibro patients are not only physically exhausted but also mentally. They cannot think clearly (Fibro Fog).

Another common misconception is that fibro patients are antisocial. They don’t like meeting people. We don’t go to parties or meetings because we have a limited amount of energy which is much less than a normal person and spending that energy on an event like a party or social gathering could put us to bed. during many days. It’s not that we don’t like going out, but we just can’t afford to party.

Another important thing about fibro patients is that they have memory problems. They cannot remember things regardless of whether they are important or not. They also have a hard time focusing on things. This is all happening because of the fibro fog, so when a fibro patient says she can’t remember, then trust her. She doesn’t do it on purpose. A common solution to this problem would be to write things down.

Stress is the key to many illnesses. If we could just get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression, most of our illnesses will go away. This rule also applies to fibro patients. Stress can make symptoms worse for us. Always try to provide a calm and tranquil environment for fibro patients at home to avoid flare-ups.

As discussed earlier, the Fibro patient tends to isolate themselves, but that doesn’t mean they want to end their social life or don’t want to meet with you. On the other hand, try to keep in touch with her. Offer to help her with daily chores like cooking, picking up kids from school. Show her your affection when needed so that she can feel that she is not alone in all of this and that everyone is with her during this difficult time.

The support and help from friends and family always makes life easier for the fibro patient. Although there isn’t much we can do about the disease, but helping her with her daily routine is VERY BIG for her. Don’t try to walk away, because that kind of attitude makes it seem like you don’t care. It will greatly affect your relationship with her, both physically and emotionally.

My kind suggestion to patients with fibro america is that instead of just believing that this disease is just made up. Try to find it on the Internet. There are many sites and articles on fibromyalgia that clearly provide proof that this disease is not a disguised disease. Try to put yourself in her shoes to better understand what she experiences on a daily basis. If you find something useful on the internet, share it with her so she knows you are taking care of her.

Communication is the key to resolving any misunderstanding. Try to talk to him to better understand his situation. Show your support for him during these difficult times. I encourage all healthy people to support your others. My husband also provides me with a lot of help with the daily routine. Without him I would be a lazy person sitting on a bed all day. Hope everyone has a good idea of ​​what we go through on a daily basis. We need your support. STAY STRONG WARRIORS !!

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